Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2nd Shooting with Lisa O'Dwyer on Judith and Brendon's big day!

I did my first 2nd shooting with Lisa O' Dwyer recently and I loved it! As well as shooting digital, I got to take some shots with some old cameras of Lisa's and my own 35mm manual camera. Those will appear soon! It was a fantastic experience in which I learned a lot and enjoyed seeing a fellow photographer do her thing so well! Thanks for having me Lisa!

So the day! I arrived down in Coill Dubh Church at 12:30 to take some snaps of the church and groomsmen before the bride arrived. The weather really couldn't make up it's mind. It lashed then the sun came out super bright, then it lashed.... None the less, the bride and groom were beaming brightly and looked fab. After the ceremony, it was on to Tulfarris in Blessington for the lovely reception. I feel I know this place well by now! All the details and amazing photos are on Lisa's blog, but here are some I took on the day too :) Film photos will follow soon!

Some polaroids I took with one of Lisa's cameras.


  1. You were fantastic Elisha! Love your pictures and all of your suggestions at Tulfarris :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! It was all my pleasure. :)