Monday, August 8, 2011

2nd Shooting

Last Thursday I got to go along and 2nd shoot with the fabulous Lisa O' Dwyer at one of her wedding shoots. Basically 2nd shooting is chance to tag along and experiment more with photos without the pressure of getting every shot. I also got to watch a fellow photographer at work and learn some things along the way. I got to use some of Lisa's old cameras with film. It was lots of fun! I'll have some pics up from the day at a later stage. Thanks for having me Lisa!

It was great to watch Lisa at work. She's so cheerful and enthusiastic! She's great at getting her subject to laugh and enjoy themselves in front of the camera!


  1. Hopefully they're laughing with me rather than at me!!!! It was lovely to have you along and thanks for rescuing me when my GPS went wrong. Can't wait to see your film pics!