Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2nd Shooting with Lisa O'Dwyer on Conor & Nicola's big day in Brooklodge!

I 2nd shot a wedding with Lisa O'Dwyer last August down in Tulfarris and had a great time working with her so I was delighted to get the opportunity to do it again on St Patrick's day this year! I started the morning by going to the grooms parents house for some prep shots. The child of Prague statues were out in full force to keep the rain away, and it seemed to work, at least until the afternoon anyway. Nicola, the bride looked stunning on the day as did her lovely bridesmaids. All posed shots were set up by Lisa O'dwyer.
Thanks to Lisa for having me along on the day. Check out her amazing pics from the day here!


  1. Great shots Elisha! Thanks for 2nd shooting with me!

  2. Thanks for having me Lisa! I'll have to have you at one of mine this year ;)