Tuesday, June 11, 2013

4 Fine Foodies, Pop up Supper club!

Those who know me, know I love good food. I love to try new things and taste rich intense flavours. I can't cook to save my life, but I appreciate anyone who can and see it for the art that it is. So! When Hilary from Blas Catering asked me if I'd take some photos of her pop up venture Supper Club in Dublin, I was a made an offer I couldn't refuse! So to explain a little bit, Hilary is part of 4 fine foodies, 4 lovely chef ladies/cookery tutors/bloggers/food stylists, who are setting up supper clubs to share their foody talent with us all. So for a fine fare price, everyone was treated this time to a 5 course meal (and a yummy glass of Prosecco)
The first evening was hosted from 4 Leeson Lane (Lesson Lane Baristas) and went fabulously. I'm drooling thinking about the food. In particular the oh so tender lamb that fell of the bone...(Homer drool noise) Amazing. There was a lovely atmosphere as we all sat together and chatted away. It reminded me of eating family style except with people I didn't know but felt I did, as I rambled on probably a bit too much ;) Anyway! A fab evening was had and I can't wait to see what the girls pop up with next ;)

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  1. Elisha I love the photos, thank you so much! You did an amazing job capturing the whole atmosphere of the evening. We are thrilled :) Thanks you thank you thank you xxx