Monday, October 21, 2013

A week off....

Last week I took a whole week off. Imagine! I decided I was going to take two trips in that week. One to a hermitage to be on my lonesome and the other to Glasgow to catch up with a friend. So first stop was to Tipperary/Waterford - it’s on the border anyway! Basically a hermitage is a place people can go to chill out and relax without being bothered by the outside world. Something that people like myself find invaluable from time to time. It’s a chance to catch up with myself and re focus on what’s coming next. Anyone can go to these places despite not being religious or believing in whichever you please. Until I get that cottage in the country, an annual hermitage trip will have to do ;) I took photos, I sketched, I thought about life, I looked around and I relaxed. (Ok so I may have edited some shoots, wrote blog posts, designed my 2015 brochure and a few other work bits but it’s hard to switch off!)

That’s it really! Throw in a ninja jumping mouse, a lost mooing calf outside my door and a random visit from a girl who just looked at me when I opened the door and slowly walked away without saying a word and you have an idea of what it was like! Despite nature desperately tying to reclaim this building from what can only be described as a creation from Grand Designs (beautiful in theory but seriously needs to deport the nation of spiders!) It was an interesting experience. ;)

Next stop was Glasgow! I last visited 2 years ago to shoot a wedding. On that day I had the pleasure of having Ashley Baxter with me to second shoot. Well, I went to visit Ashley and finally got to meet her dog Indie! We ate good food and drank some fabulous cocktails. It was a great few days! You can see some of Ashley's pics here!

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