Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A year with Marley!

It's almost a year now since we picked up Marley from Kerry to rehome him. I'll admit when we saw him first he wasn't in the greatest state. He had been shaved completely (I presume he was so matted before), was hunched over and on the skinny side. He had been left outside for 3 years without any real care, no shots, no microchipping -nothing.
I didn't know what to think except feel for him. It wasn't long before he won over our hearts with his loving deep looks in the eyes and cuddles! Over the past year he's gone through some transformation. He's made lots of doggy friends, which in his previous 3 years, I don't think he'd even seen another dog. His hair grew and he's since had several grooms and is a healthy weight. In other words, he's spoilt rotten! He has brought so much joy, love and comfort to our home and rescuing is something I strongly encourage!
Here are some of his highlights since moving in with us ;)